Scultpure from India, C Jagdish

C Jagdish was born in India in 1956. Early in his career he focused on drawing but it was not until he started to make paper sculptures for a children’s theatre group that he realised the full potential of working with paper. These sculptures evolved into busts, masks and life-sized figures in which the artist injected meaning and cultural reference via clothing, expression, posture in doing so he bestowed a unique individuality to each figure. Sculptures from India was C Jagdish’s first solo exhibition in Britain. His highly decorative sculptures develop traditions within Indian Art commenting both on city and village. The dense paper that Jagdish utilises to construct his sculptures is often painted in a very detailed and colourful manner and shown individually or as part of a group. Jagdish’s work is about the everyday, but is executed with a perceptive wit that alters its function from the merely decorative to the socially conscious.