It’s never easy to set up a new hotel business. The hospitality sector is so competitive that a large number of start-ups end up failing before they can turn a significant profit. If a hotel is to thrive it needs to wow the guests who stay within it.

This will involve decorating the rooms in interesting ways. It is not a good idea to fall into the trap of focusing solely on the walls. While these areas are important it is also crucial that the floors are not ignored. High-quality rugs should be placed on the ground of hotel rooms. Doing so will have a wide range of benefits. These items are available from Trendcarpet. The site specialises in a plethora of different styles, colours and patterns.

Kilim Rugs

If hotel owners are searching for a carpet type that has a rich history then they need look no further. The high quality kilim rugs supplied by Trendcarpet have intricate designs and a variety of functions. Kilim rugs were first used by nomadic tribes to keep their tent dwellings warm and dry. For thousands of years, they have been popular across the globe. There are not many rug designs that are as exotic as kilim.

Sheepskin Rugs

Sometimes the main aim of a hotel room is to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. If this is the case then sheepskin may be the ideal rug type. When placed in the centre of a room it will exude class. These rugs also work very well next to a roaring fire. Sheepskin is utilised in many hotels because of its versatility and timelessness.

Patterns That Evoke Cultural Traditions

If a hotel really wants to set itself apart from others then it could base its interior design on well known cultural art. If patterns with an important historical significance are used then it will communicate to hotel guests that the establishment cares about traditions. There are plenty of rugs on the Trendcarpet website that fulfil this purpose.

Choosing Affordable Rugs

Hotel businesses tend to have dangerously slim margins. They cannot afford to waste money on overly priced floor decorations. Instead, the owner needs to find rugs that look great but are reasonably priced. This is yet another reason why Trendcarpet will be so appealing to them. Their products are affordable whilst still being of an impressively high quality.