Nowadays, you can’t smoke here, there, or anywhere. Non-smokers are virtually everywhere, and it’s incumbent upon smokers to protect them from second-hand smoke. However, many smokers seem not to care, forcing authorities to intervene by putting in place regulations and restrictions. When it comes to hotels, some of them don’t allow guests to smoke on their premises, while others have designated smoking areas. Here are tips every smoker must have under their belt when staying in a hotel room.

Smokeless Tobacco is the Best Bet

You’ve probably seen tobacco companies claiming that smokeless tobacco products can perfectly serve the purpose in places where smoking has been banned. That’s absolutely true. These products come in various forms, including snus pouches, moist snuff, and dry snuff. Besides being smokeless, they are smell-free and discrete. Want to try one? You can buy snus or your favourite tobacco product online and enjoy the adventure in your hotel room without much fuss. At Hypp UK, for instance, you will find slim, large, and super slim snus bags. Besides, you can also find nicotine-free snus pouches at this store, so you don’t have to worry about staining your teeth.

Utilise Smoking Designated Areas

Thankfully, many hotels have set aside smoking areas where you can go and smoke as much as you want without bothering anyone. It would be wise to utilise this area. Find out from the hotel agents if they offer such a space before booking. Ensure you change clothes and possibly take a bath after smoking to eliminate the smell.