One of the most important aspects of a hotel is ensuring that it has furniture and décor that is not only appropriate for its target audience, but is long wearing and good quality, easy to clean and maintain, and suits the hotels theme and aesthetic.




A hotel must ensure that the theme and aesthetic of its décor and furniture is consistent. This helps elevate a hotel and give it a luxury feel. From ultra-modern and minimalist, to a specific ethnic feel such as Asian, Africa, Moroccan, Parisian, Tuscan, sticking to one aesthetic will help make a hotel feel cohesive. A neutral colour scheme is inviting, easy on the eye, and more likely to suit an array of tastes.


Décor and furniture

Décor and furniture should be kept in line with the chosen aesthetic, and in fact, having a chosen aesthetic makes finding the write décor and furniture easier, as one is limited to a specific design style.

Some important considerations when looking at furniture and décor for a hotel are:

  • Functionality: whilst aesthetic pieces are important, they should also be functional. Space should not be wasted on pieces that cannot add a use;
  • Longevity: décor and furniture will be used on a daily basis, numerous times a day, and accordingly it is vital that piece is able to sustain long-term use, otherwise it can become costly for the hotel to replace. A neutral colour scheme as mentioned above will also help ensure that décor and furniture pieces stay in fashion, and can still be used after any renovations;
  • Easy-to-clean: as with longevity, use on a daily basis, and constant traffic means that hotel furniture is exposed to a host of dirt and germs. One of the prime gripes of visitors on review sites is a dirty hotel, and accordingly, cleanliness should be a top consideration for hotels. An item such as the ikea ektorp sofa cover are useful as the cover can easily be removed for cleaning.

Multi-use spaces

In addition for family vacations, hotels are primarily used for business travel. Catering to that need with help a hotel stand out as well as welcome regular returning visitors. Things such as formal meeting rooms (particularly with technical additions such as conferencing facilities), as well as informal cocktail or café settings, coupled with technological support such as WiFi and charging ports, are an attractive addition to a hotel.

The hotel room

Rooms should be inviting, and a place of comfort after a long day of business meetings or touring. A bed with a table is not sufficient, small touches such as occasional chairs, art work, personal coffee machine and bar fridge, and fresh and clean towels, in addition to cleanliness and friendly service all help wow a visitor.