If you have money to spend, staying in luxury hotels will make your trip much more enjoyable, not to mention the fabulous Instagram-ready photos you will be able to take. When it comes to luxury hotels, usually you don’t have to worry too much about the service quality and amenities, but if you want to be a smart spender, pay attention to these tips the next time you plan your luxury trip.

Choose January

Various researchers have concluded that January is the easiest month to get a discount on your luxury stay. After a busy Christmas season, most luxury hotels are busy again with trying to fill their vacancy in January. That’s why many offer exclusive discounts during this month.

Choose a Financial District

Most hotels in financial districts cater to business travellers who often go home at weekends. Because of this pattern, room rates are significantly lower during the weekend. If you want to enjoy five-star service at a fraction of the usual cost, consider booking during this time.

Buy the Combo

Travel giants like Expedia offer many combo deals when you book a flight through them. These combos will save you money on the hotel stay.

Sign Up for Their Emails

Hotels want loyal customers who would think of their brand name first the next time they plan a trip. Therefore, many offer their visitors an incentive to sign up for their newsletter. The incentive may be a small discount on your next booking, but the benefit is that you will be notified of their latest deals in the future.

Sign Up for the Loyalty Program

Hotel chains often have loyal membership programs that you can join to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts. Even if you don’t travel that frequently, these loyalty programs offer you more benefits than you realize.

Don’t Stay Near the Airport

Most hotels at the airport are expensive and the service quality doesn’t always justify the price. That’s why many experts advise travellers to stay away from the airport. Unless you have an early morning flight the next day and don’t want to get up early to travel for 2-hours to the airport, you should opt for a hotel closer to the city center. Most hotels in the city offer a better view and closer proximity to everything. For the same amenities, city hotels often have more competitive prices than airport hotels.

Above are some tips to help you be a smart spender when it comes to luxury travel. Plan your next vacation either by carefully drawing up an itinerary or just letting the spontaneity of your spirit lead you. Travelling is a rewarding experience that enriches your soul and opens your eyes to new ways of life around the world.