Customer service is the most important factor that determines your success when it comes to the hospitality industry. Despite popular belief, this bustling industry comprises more than just hotels, bars and restaurants. Let’s have a look at the major sectors.


This category encompasses a huge spectrum of smaller categories. We have budget hotels, bed and breakfast, luxury hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, rental apartments, etc.


This concept may be new to some people, but it basically comes down to owning a vacation property for a specific time of the year. You will share the ownership with other people, meaning they own the property at other times of the year.

Food and Beverage

Bars and restaurants were born to serve our need to socialize and enjoy good food. We have restaurants for every budget: fast-food restaurants, full-service restaurants, and catering businesses.


And of course, we cannot mention the hospitality industry without mentioning travel and tourism. Essentially the tourism industry is all about moving people from one destination to another. We have airlines, cruise ships, trains, coaches, etc.


The entertainment industry plays a key factor in customer satisfaction when it comes to tourism. What if you come to London but it has no museums, no cultural shows, no theaters, no bars, no nothing and you are forced to go to bed at 10 because there is no nightlife either? It will be a boring experience and you will probably swear to never return again. That’s why the hospitality industry is keen on creating the most fun experiences for you to keep you entertained during your entire visit. Ideally, there should be more things to do and places to explore than you are able to cover in a single visit.