A good hotel is part of the joy of travel, whether for business or pleasure. Most of us enjoy being treated with respect and even pampered a little. But high-class hotels imbue a certain ambiance you might not find elsewhere. The décor and furnishings are carefully considered. How can you recreate some of the hotel experience back home?

Wallpaper & Coverings

Top hotels normally use subtle, warm colours and patterns in bedrooms to promote relaxation, which should be reflected in your choice of wallpaper or paint. On the other hand, bolder designs and brighter hues often feature in more public areas of a hotel.

Innovative online vendors like Familywalls.co.uk offer a wide choice of tasteful wallpaper patterns and styles and even let you filter papers by colour. That makes it easy to achieve a hotel-like atmosphere in any given room. The same site lets you create murals from your digital photos, lending a truly personal touch to your décor!


Modern light sources come in a wider range of colour temperatures and colours than they once did. Warm, dimmable lighting works best in rooms where you need to relax, while cooler lighting is good for functional rooms like kitchens. And, like a hotel, you might want to choose statement light fittings that act as centrepieces in key rooms.


If you want to go for that hotel feel, you need big furniture, whether it’s sofas, settees or a king-size bed. This could mean reducing the number of seats you have or clearing space for a bigger bed. Pay attention to soft furnishings, too, and use a high-quality linen on your bed such as Egyptian cotton.

Fresh Flowers & Little Luxuries

Remember the details in hotels that make them so enjoyable, like fresh cut flowers and the small indulgences in rooms that cheer our mood. Spoiling yourself with treats is part of this project!